Wooden iPad Tablet Stand Kitchen

Wooden iPad Tablet Stand – Kitchen

If you’re trying to quickly tap, or type with one hand while cooking, you can be sure the iPad won’t move or slip. Genius.

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Oak & Steel iPad Stand

Wood and Metal iPad Stand

Oak and Steel iPad Stand for your kitchen to follow along with recipes.

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Mothers Day Gift 2021

When’s Mother’s Day 2021

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Lockdown 2021.

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iPad Smart Phone Holder Kitchen Stand

iPad & Smart Phone Recipe Stand

iPad, Smart Phone Stand for Cooking Recipes at Home. Oak & Steel with Chopping Boards made in Cornwall

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Oak Chopping Board Turmeric Loaf

Turmeric Loaf

Our oak bread board features an inspired turmeric loaf today. Gluten free and full of goodness, this homemade loaf sits perfectly on our homemade cutting board.

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Oak Steel Recipe Book Stand Valentines Day

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Recipe with Love

Cook at home on Valentine’s Day, a recipe made with love. Treat your loved one – home cooked food & recipe book stand, cookbook holder gift.

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Oak Steel Cookbook Stand Oak Rustic chopping Board

The most amazing roast chicken

Olia Hercules Pot Roast Chicken I’ve been desperate to try this recipe for a while, and having now done it, I’m not sure why I haven’t made it sooner. It’s incredibly easy, and unbelievably tasty! I will confess right now before you get too far into this article, it smelled so good when it was […]

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Beef Brisket Large Oak Carving Board

The Perfect English Pot Roast

Slow Roast Beef Brisket This was my first time cooking a beef brisket. I’m normally a rare top-side or silverside fan when it comes to my weekend beef joint roast. However, this looked so good and with a busy weekend around the house it seemed the perfect choice. It’s so unbelievably simple I can’t understand […]

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Easy Scone Recipe Cookbook Stand

Easy Scone Recipe – Baking at Home

This year has definitely been all about home-baking, with lots of people asking ‘What’s the easiest thing to bake at home?’ It may be a little old fashioned, but this is where I always refer to my faithful Delia Smith’s Complete Illustrated Cookery Course. This easy scone recipe is my go-to for a home baking […]

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Oak Chopping Board

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

This year, more than any other, is going to require some serious planning to indulge in festive cheer and arrange the perfect gifts for your loved ones, wherever they are. We have full stock, ready for Christmas presents, of our unique oak wooden chopping boards. Perfect for any kitchen connoisseur. We use UPS, a certified, […]

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