When’s Mother’s Day 2021

When’s Mother’s Day 2021.
It’s that time when we ask ‘When is Mother’s Day this year?’ Well, we can tell you, it’s Sunday 14th March, so you’re in luck. You still have time do something special for your Mum, even if we’re still in Lockdown 2021!

Perfect Gift

So, are you looking for that perfect mother’s day gift, or something to surprise her with. We think one of the most simple, and lovely, breakfasts in bed is dippy eggs with soldiers! It’s important to get that boiled egg just right on Mothering Sunday.

The Perfect Boiled Egg

We love this book, ‘Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat’ by Samin Nosrat. ‘Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking’… starting with the basics of that elusive perfect boiled egg. Plunge your egg into boiling water for 5 minutes then immerse in icy cold water briefly before serving it to your Mum with buttery soldiers. Spring is in the air already down here in Cornwall. Seeing local daffodils and narcissus pop up n the hedgerows is definitely bringing a smile. A great positivity boost.

So, now you know when Mother’s Day 2021 is, what do you get her? If you’re going all out on treating your Mum with not only breakfast in bed, but a lovely present. You may be looking for local flower delivery, or lockdown 2021 ideas for mother’s day. Of course, we recommend one of our hand crafted oak chopping boards or unique oak and steel cookbook stands. But then we would say that. Who wouldn’t love something thoughtful and individual and lovingly hand finished? We think it’s the perfect combination. You could even serve your Mum breakfast in bed on one of our fabulous, unique sharing boards. See, who says we’re not full of good ideas.

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