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Oak & Steel iPad Stand

Wood and Metal iPad Stand

Oak and Steel iPad Stand for your kitchen to follow along with recipes.

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Wooden iPad Tablet Stand Kitchen

Wooden iPad Tablet Stand – Kitchen

If you’re trying to quickly tap, or type with one hand while cooking, you can be sure the iPad won’t move or slip. Genius.

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iPad Smart Phone Holder Kitchen Stand

iPad & Smart Phone Recipe Stand

iPad, Smart Phone Stand for Cooking Recipes at Home. Oak & Steel with Chopping Boards made in Cornwall

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Beef Brisket Large Oak Carving Board

The Perfect English Pot Roast

Slow Roast Beef Brisket This was my first time cooking a beef brisket. I’m normally a rare top-side or silverside fan when it comes to my weekend beef joint roast. However, this looked so good and with a busy weekend around the house it seemed the perfect choice. It’s so unbelievably simple I can’t understand […]

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Cooking From Scratch

Are you cooking from scratch more since the lockdown began? If yes, you’re not alone. A recent survey by the RSA shows that 42% of participants said they value food and other essentials more since the pandemic, with 38% cooking from scratch more. People have noticed significant changes during the lockdown, including cleaner air, more wildlife and […]

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